Academic Publications List


Trauth, Erin and Ella Browning. “Review of Erin A. Frost and Michelle F. Eble’s Interrogating Gendered Pathologies,” Rhetoric Review, Forthcoming 2021. (In Press). 

“‘From Homeless to Human Again’: A Teaching Case on an Undergraduate ‘Tiny Houses and Technical Writing’ Course Model,” Technical Communication, October 2021. 

“‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Tofu’: A Rhetorical Analysis of Fast Food Corporation ‘Anti-Vegan-Options’ Advertisements,” The Routledge Handbook of Vegan Studies, May 2021. 

“The Rhetoric of Vegan/Vegetarianism, and Health, Medicine, and Culture.” Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, Forthcoming 2021. (In Press). 

“Bleeding Burgers: Brutality, Masculinity, and the Veg(etari)an Narrative,” The Rhetorical Construction of Vegetarianism, Forthcoming 2021. (In Press). 

“‘Manly’ Plates: Generation Z and the Rhetoric of Vegan Men,” Dublin Gastronomy Symposium Conference Proceedings, 2020. 

Trauth, Erin and Ella Browning. “Technologized Talk: Wearable Technologies, Patient Agency, and Medical Communication in Healthcare Settings.” International Journal of Sociotechnology. Vol. 10: Iss. 3, 2018. 

“Curating the Public Self: Helping Millennial Students Present an Authentic, Professional Persona via LinkedIn,” Engaging 21st Century Writers with Social Media, September 2016. 

“Creating Meaning for Millennials: Bakhtin, Rosenblatt, and the Use of Facebook and Twitter in the Composition Classroom,” Engaging 21st Century Writers with Social Media, September 2016. 

“Mobile Healthcare Applications: Authorship, Regulatory Challenges, and the Role of Medical Writers.” American Medical Writers Association Journal. June 2016.

“Nutritional Noise: Community Literacies and the Movement against Foods Labeled as ‘Natural,’” for the special issue of Community Literacy Journal, “Community Food Literacies.” December 2015. 

“The Art of the Pick-Up: Wooing Your Future Employer in the Cover Letter,” Writing Commons, August 2015. 

Co-Editor, Texas Tech First-Year Writing Program Reader, Texas Tech University. Bedford St. Martins, Fall 2012. 

Book Review, “Illness as Narrative” by Ann Jurecic, Composition Studies, Volume 40, Number 2. Fall 2012. 

Co-Editor, Power to the Pen: Pedagogical Approaches to Composition. University of South Florida. Bedford-St. Martins, 2010. 

“Catch.” Gas Light Magazine, 2009. 

Co-Editor, Artifacts, Hayden-McNeil, December 2009. 

Editor, Composition Practices, Hayden-McNeil, 2009. 

“Tell Me Everything: The Cult of the Memoir,” Cult Pop Culture, Ed. Batchelor, Robert. Praeger Press, 2009. 

“Pageantry: Spelling Bees, Dog Shows, and Beauty Queens,” Cult Pop Culture, Ed. Batchelor, Robert. Praeger Press, 2009. 

“Living and Writing in a ‘Land of Memory Stealers’: An Interview with Connie May Fowler,” Saw Palm: A Journal of Florida Literature and Art, 2009. 

“The Guest,” Fiction Fix: A Literary Journal, Vol. 5, Ed. Young, Thelma. Xlibris Corporation, 2007: 9 – 14. 

“Peer Review: Establishing an Effective Practice (A Collaborative Wiki),” First-Year Composition Program Wiki, University of South Florida, 2007. 

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